View Full Version : Can diffraction be easily destroyed and restored?

2012-Nov-26, 08:10 PM
Say you shoot electrons through a single circular aperture, and shine light across it to use Compton scattering to detect particle position.

The detector screen is a circle a few inches across. Obviously, it will have no diffraction pattern on it. It will have the classical 'scattering' spread of light across its surface.

Now we place another screen behind the first one. Since the first screen is small enough to have light hit the edges, will there be a diffraction pattern behind it on the second screen? Will the poisson spot be there?

2012-Nov-27, 10:40 PM
Shameless bump...

So what is diffraction anyways? I heard that when you take an integer and divide by another integer, you get da-fraction. I also heard that this is perfectly rational; which I disagree with.

Reality Check
2012-Nov-28, 12:20 AM
I doubt that you can use Compton scattering to determine particle positions. That is scattering at basically random angles from electrons.

Diffraction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffraction)

You will see the usual scattering from a circular object on your second screen, including any Arago (Poisson) spot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arago_spot)