View Full Version : Occultations of Shadows by Galilean Satellites during Jupiterís Opposition

2012-Dec-01, 07:22 AM
Jupiterís opposition from the Sun as measured by greatest elongation will occur on 2012 DEC 02 at 19:47 CST (UT-6). That night for many North Americans two Galilean satellite transits across Jupiter will be observable along with transits of their shadows. Io and its shadow will transit during the early evening. Then Europa and its shadow will transit during the early morning. Because Jupiter will be near opposition from the Sun, during both cases the satellites will partially occult their own shadows. Since the Io transit precedes the opposition, it will follow its shadow. Since the Europa transit follows the opposition, it will precede its shadow.

My preview graphics for both transits are currently on my Jupiter webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/jupiter

Around midday CST each day I update my timetable for Galilean satellite events that will occur over the following 24 hours. That implies that the timetable for the night of DEC 02-03 will be uploaded around midday on DEC 02.

Photos and descriptions of the unusual transits would be welcome additions to this thread.