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Matthew Ota
2001-Oct-23, 11:38 AM
I like the new Bulliten Board. I just got to get through the learning curve. Or the learning wavelength....

Matthew Ota
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Kaptain K
2001-Oct-24, 09:52 AM
Maybe I'll get used to it, but I still like the old threaded board. This one seems to take forever to navigate through all the topics.

2001-Oct-25, 12:12 AM
I very much like the new format. It is topic oriented and one does not need to go through the complete number of posts to find a desired topic. Also, I like the fact that the Bad Astronomer will be able to use the *hook* (as was used in Vaudeville for bad performers) in order to remove posts which are offensive and/or off topic. This forces people like me to watch what I write.

So, Phil Plait (a/k/a Bad Astronomer), your new BB is scrumptious. I am afraid that I must be careful about the language I might use if anybody dislikes this new BB.

If people want to rant on and on about topics other than astronomy, there are other sites on the web (usually incredibly boring) for that specific non-purpose.


Ben Benoy
2001-Oct-25, 01:59 AM
I also like the open threading on the old board. You have to do more quoting with this format for things to make sense. Also, no more "I agree! n/t" /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Ben Benoy

(Got rid of the quote. Oops!)

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2001-Oct-25, 03:55 AM
I would have to say that this is my favorite format to post in.

On 2001-10-24 21:59, Ben Benoy wrote:
Also, no more "I agree! n/t" /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Ben Benoy

I have to agree with you there. I hated when people replying to a "n/t" forgot to remove the "n/t" from the subject line while the post contained text.

2001-Oct-25, 10:44 AM
What I really like about this BB is that if there have been no new posts in a folder/thread, it'll stay the color you have it set to for when you've been there. IOW, If no new posts, the folder/thread doesn't reset.

2001-Oct-29, 10:48 AM
You may like to use the private message feature. Mr.X, the Bad Astronomer and I have exchanged messages with it and it seems to work OK.


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Mr. X
2001-Oct-29, 12:19 PM
Welcome to Bad Apprentice, Phobos!

I didn't know you exchenged with the Bad Astronomer! Concerning our lifter discussions? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

2005-Oct-21, 02:52 PM
I think this new board works great as well, definitely an improvement over how it used to be!