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2012-Dec-06, 11:16 PM
Apologies if this is in the wrong place

I got a note from a website I joined a while back, just to find a poem

It is allpoetry.com and they are running a competition to write a poem about white.

This is my entry (Link to entry (http://allpoetry.com/poem/10189325-White_is_a_mixed_up_rainbow-by-Sticks))

White is a mixed up rainbow

White is a mixed up rainbow
White was shattered into its components by a man called Newton
White was split by this Newton with a prism of glass

When you see a rainbow in the sky, it is White shattered by nature's tears in the form of rain.
Forming a large circle in the sky, although only the top part is in view.
White is a mixture of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and violet all together
Wavelengths of light all combining to be white.
White is not a true colour,
White is not the absence of colour
White as physics and Newton showed is all of the colours
Mixed up all together, giving the illusion of white
White is a mixed up rainbow

Did I miss anything or get anything wrong?

2012-Dec-07, 07:28 PM
That's awesome! Thank you for sharing!