View Full Version : Help! i think I need to start a blog.... But?

2012-Dec-08, 10:00 AM
I know many of you run and write in blogs. I also know that i have frequently been on blog sites.
I am starting to read about how to set one up, But my interests vary widely. I think I need a few links that get me a view of others blogs from the top so I can get an idea as to how to structure it. For instance can a blog have a post that links off to other sub blogs etc. please reply with your links, any advice and site suggestions.

My blog is likely to be fairly technical from the hands on level through to quite theoretical.

I will be grateful for your replies.

2012-Dec-08, 01:48 PM
I would throw Wil Wheaton's blog out there. He writes on a variety of topics. http://wilwheaton.net/ (He swears a bit.) He also appears to have a second blog at http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/. Each has different content, but I don't "get it".

I would not suggest my blog (in the sig, line) because I broke it. I went the sub-blog route and found that my interests wander all over the place. The problem is that one blog receives 10 updates, the second receives one update and the other two haven't had anything in a very long time. There is the issues of cross-posting, where a topic could be split between two of the blogs. I can't build a readership due to inconsistent updates.

Also of note is GoDaddy's option to allow one sever slot for many webpages. When running Wordpress, turning on too many plugins or adding a lot of images and media will slow down the pages. If you go this route, stay away from plugins that mess with the DB. They are fine if they work for you, but are difficult to turn off after the fact. I suggest trying one with dummy data to see if it works for you, then proceed from there. In a situation where multiple Wordpress sites are hosted from one server slot, DB modification doesn't help much if media is the problem.

If Wordpress is the path you follow, use Jetpack for social media instead of a third party plugins. If you customize your theme in Wordpress, update the theme before customizing it. Updates will wipe out your changes.

If Wordpress is not your thing, Google's blogger is very nice. The issue I have with blogger.com is that the code appears to be inaccessible. It will do anything you like, but you have to dig for help and information to do anything other than make preloaded choices.

2012-Dec-08, 03:53 PM
http://durakkenstudios.com is my website. It has a blog, a wiki, and a forum. It will eventually have 2 or more wikis, but I don't find it necessary to make more blogs...
However if I wanted to I could go and download the Wordpress CMS directly and make another folder holding it with a different database (which is what I'm going to be doing with the wiki mind you)
After doing that all I'd need to do is throw a link in the menu.

Though unless the topics vary far too much and for some reason you don't want to mix you should be able to just tag your blog entries and create categories in your single blog and it would be more than enough for most people