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2004-Nov-01, 12:16 AM
With lots of astronomers on the board, I thought I'd ask this question: Who's going to AAS in January? Maybe we should make an effort to go to each other's posters/talks and introduce ourselves! :D

If you couldn't tell, I'm going, though I almost had to cancel. I got an e-mail at 8:30 on Wednesday night saying that I could only give a sponsored poster/talk once (I did so last January) and so I had to either become a member by Friday at 5:00 PM EDT or they would withdraw my abstract. So after much running around and sending them money, I'm now a Junior AAS member ... go me. :P

Anyway, as of this posting, the schedule of abstracts has yet to be posted so I don't know what number I'll be (should be posted in mid-November, I read), but I'll be somewhere in the first section, "The Sun." My poster is entitled "Solar Wind Forecasting with Coronal Holes."

Anyone else going?

The Bad Astronomer
2004-Nov-01, 02:02 AM
Cool idea!

I'll be there. My group has a booth, so I'll be in the exhibit hall a lot. We're also putting up a poster on the Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) education and public outreach effort.

Others from this board will be there, including Michelle Thaller (yay!) and ngc3314 (also yay).

2004-Nov-01, 02:05 AM
I'll have to make sure to come see you! Do you give autographs? :lol:

2004-Nov-01, 02:31 AM
I live about two hours away. I could probably go if I knew when and where exactly. My uncle worked for JPL and was envolved in one of the Voyager projects (I don't remember which one, maybe both). He lives in Carlsbad. I may see if he wants to go with me.

2004-Nov-01, 02:42 AM
205th Meeting of the
American Astronomical Society
9-13 January 2005 -- San Diego, CA (http://www.aas.org/meetings/)
(Nice shot of the local Palomar Observatory on the Program cover.)
Here's another attendees' poster 'under construction':
Intense Diffuse Emission from the Orion Nebula
Richard Conn Henry, Jayant Murthy, and David J. Sahnow
The Johns Hopkins University and The Indian Institute of Astrophysics, India

2004-Nov-01, 04:49 PM
Cool idea!

Others from this board will be there, including Michelle Thaller (yay!) and ngc3314 (also yay).

False alarm... only had the budget to send one of us, so I went with shipping the grad student for a poster presentation. If our attempts to tame IDL go well enough, we might even have some of our 3D results in galaxy dust in shape to display with the red and blue glasses. Go ahead, talk about a fixation with backlit dust - I can take it! Just let me turn my head for a more silhouetted profile.

2004-Nov-14, 07:05 PM
Best of San Diego 2004 (http://sdcitybeat.com/article.php?id=2569)
Unofficial Tour Guide.

2005-Jan-03, 12:42 AM
Yes, I'll be there. My poster is 112.05 and it's on Wednesday. I'll probably stand and "defend" after lunch for a couple of hours because the related oral session is in the morning. Otherwise I'll be in the press room a lot.

See you all there!

2005-Jan-12, 01:11 AM
Local coverage (http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050110/news_1m10astro.html):
"...2,500 people are expected to attend and 1,640 scientific papers will be presented---a record for the society on both counts. The meeting...in Mission Valley is not open to the public. But it's primed to generate considerable news because of cutting-edge research..."
All the rain this week has made the Mission Valley (San Diego River) area of San Diego quite damp. Meteorologists are simultaneously having their get-together at the Convention Center, closer to downtown.