View Full Version : "Borderland" quite possibly one of the best Enterp

2004-Nov-01, 11:17 AM

quite simply engrossing

Brent Spiner two thumbs up!

2004-Nov-01, 11:39 AM
genetic supermen running amok on a space station, hmmm....TWOK?


2004-Nov-01, 11:44 AM
Confusion ,
:-? I was first looking at some stange movie 8-[ missing the start and running the risk of a confusing plot i hit the recilcle (refresh icon){hey its got the arrow things} only to discover that it took me to a review #-o I tried again with no succers I had many more ideas up my sleave 8) I closed that window and reclicked on the link gues what? It did't work ](*,) .I tried again. :x I was now all out of ideas :cry: could it have been that I've discoved a secret vidio :-k or that I hav a problem with biskets 8-[ (cokies) :-k we can only guese we may never know.... :-k unless some wise persons would enlighten me

2004-Nov-01, 05:09 PM
As i mentioned here (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=356585#356585l) i did not like the episodeat all. I disagree with this reviewer.

The best episode of Enterprise was by far last weeks episode, the one with T'pols marriage. It had everything in it we have been asking for.

This one had action, boobs, and explosions. No plot at all that could be dicerened from scrutiny. I think that they wrote the script as they went.

Brent Spiner acted amazingly and i say that with glee. Its some of his best acting to date in the entire franchise.

Too bad EVERY other character in the show was reduced last season cliche's. Tipol became a sex object with ears who did nuthing but make sure her chest faced the camera. Archer had a permanent scowl on his face. Tucker well, truthfully they kept a bit from last week in him and showed beyond his super genious at making stuff. And the rest had barely any screen time to be worth mentioning.

I am sorry. While they could say that its a advancement in the series over last year , its not much at all. Like i said in my linked post. they really need to fire these writers and hire back last weeks writers. Or at least dock their pay for every poor episode and return it for every fantastic episode like last week.

I mean they hit a big low when one of the selling points of the show was a slave auction of good looking girls.