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2012-Dec-17, 12:38 AM
Hi All,

We had an Incredible Winter Milkyway view last Thursday night into Friday Morning 13th to 14th, I was at the Cincinnati Astronomy Club's Dark Sky Site in Adams County, Ohio with my Friends from Ottawa, Canada, Raymond & Pierre. We counted well over 400 Geminid Meteors and enjoyed the clear dark skies.

I captured this 196 second exposure of the Winter Milkyway from horizon to horizon.
The bright star near center is the Planet Jupiter! Also visible near the top is both of our sister Galaxies.
The M31 Andromeda & M33 Triangulum Spiral Galaxies are the two closest to us...also near bottom(South) you can see Orion & Canis Major.
Also visble above Jupiter is the Pleiades cluster & left is a red smudge aka the California Nebula....

Although the Winter Milkyway is not as bright as the Summer view, it showed up well in this shot.
In my original High res shot there are dozens of deep space objects visible along the Milkyway!
My best Winter Milkyway shot from here in Ohio for sure!
It was worth the two hour drive to get dark skies like this!
I used my Modified Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR & 8mm Fish-eye Lens, at F4, ISO 1600, on a portable tracking mount.

I'm still processing over 400 images taken that night...many with Geminid Meteors..so more to come soon!

2012-Dec-17, 03:19 AM
Here it was clear. Our only clear night of the month so far and it doesn't look promising for the rest of the dark of the moon. But with the temp at -20C I didn't stay out long enough to see but a couple Geminids. 50 years ago I spent all night out at those temperatures without a problem. Doesn't work with this old body any more.


2013-Jan-11, 07:41 PM
Beautiful view indeed