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2012-Dec-19, 08:28 AM
As mentioned with my still images of Toutatis here is the animation. You can see by its rather slow speed it was not a very close pass at about 4.25 million miles compared to some others I've made movies for. But at 3 miles in diameter rather than say 30 feet it is a lot brighter even if many times further away making it an easy target compared to most which are faint and very fast making just finding them a chore. For this one the predictions were dead on. I just pointed the scope to where it would be in 10 seconds and started imaging. The reason for the delay is that was my estimate of how long it would take the mount to slew to the asteroid and for me to then hit the button to start tracking on the asteroid's motion rather than just the earth's rotation. Everything worked perfectly for once. Some NEO's orbits change so rapidly due to the earth's gravity they aren't were predicted by orbital elements derived a few hours ago. Those can be a pain to find especially when 19th magnitude rather than 10th as Toutatis was.

Since these are large files I'm only posting the links not the animations themselves.

"Small" 640x480 crop of the full frame 3.7 megabytes

"Large" 1002x666 full frame 8.7 megabytes

Both are at 2" per pixel resolution, half of the original image scale. The Large version uses the full frame, the small a crop. Due to the sparse star field it was moving through the cropped image is rather empty of stars. The Paramount was tracking based on the orbital elements of the asteroid so it stays motionless while the stars move relative to it. It covers about 13 minutes of time rather than 10 due to the slow download speed of my camera.

14" LX200R @ f/10 L=20x30" STL-11000XM, Paramount ME.


2012-Dec-19, 02:39 PM
Excellent effort finding the object and the images are awesome!