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2012-Dec-22, 11:25 PM
After a long hiatus (both from imaging and this forum), I have a new image to post. It is NGC 925, a nice barred spiral galaxy in Triangulum.

The image is 6 hours LRGB, 3 hours luminance and 1 hour each RGB. Taken with a Planewave CDK 12.5 and an ST-10. The data was reduced in CCDStack and then the image was processed in PixInsight.

A full sized version (http://obsballona.net/coppermine/displayimage.php?pid=222) is available on my web site.


Thanks for looking.


2012-Dec-22, 11:42 PM
Very nice. The new observatory is really cooking. When did you add the CDK. Last I recall there was a refractor in the new observatory.

You have it set so you can run remote from LA?


2012-Dec-22, 11:54 PM

I've had the CDK in operation for about 10 months. A lot of that was not imaging because of the convergence work, clouds, and school events that kept me away from the observatory. The refractor will sit on top of the CDK when I get around to putting it there.

While the observatory is mostly automated, it is not yet set-up to operate remotely. Someday, perhaps.

Clear skies,