View Full Version : Neil Armstrong Didnít Lie About First Words on the Moon, Historian Says

2013-Jan-04, 11:20 PM
A small controversy has erupted over Neil Armstrongís first words as stepped on the Moonís surface and how he came to say them. Armstrong has always maintained that while he had been thinking about what to say during his first steps for quite some time before the Apollo 11 mission, he didnít actually decide on [...]

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2013-Jan-05, 11:32 PM
While I accept that this article sort of agrees with my sentiments.. why, why, why is the emotive word 'lie' used when discussing people's memories and anecdotal recollections? It then becomes fodder for any hoax theorist.

Our brains misremember, stories vary or get embellished over time, chinese whispers happen.. None of these are lies. And in what way is this important? It was a great, memorable and apt line, end of story.

Seriously, this sort of stuff doesn't even belong in the media on the slowest of slow news days.