View Full Version : New Look and New Animation for Orionís 2017 Flight to the Moon and Back

2013-Jan-17, 04:30 AM
The Orion spacecraft has gotten a new look for its first launch atop the inaugural flight of NASAís Space Launch System (SLS) booster on the Exploration Mission-1 flight around the Moon in 2017 as seen in this new animation. The vehicles service module will be built by the European Space Agency (ESA), as a result [...]

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2013-Jan-17, 07:36 PM
Hmmm.... no lander, so they'll be back to 1968 with Apollo8 style sightseeing.

Just a thought, but it would be nice to see someone at nasa advocating putting smaller (Mir-sized?)
space stations around the Moon with re-useable landers. Then the crews would only have to
take consumables and fuel with them and could stay longer or explore multiple sites.