View Full Version : Taking Orders From a Manhattan Walk-Up

2004-Nov-08, 06:40 AM
Martian Robots, Taking Orders From a Manhattan Walk-Up (http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/07/science/07mars.html) (New York Times registration required)

It's about Honeybee Robotics, builders of the RAT.

These days, when one of NASA's rovers drills a hole in a rock on Mars, the commands come from Lower Manhattan, from a second-floor office on Elizabeth Street, surrounded by dusted-off tenements.

Stephen Gorevan, Honeybee's founder and chairman, admits that his is an unusual business, even for an evolving neighborhood. "It is almost surreal," he said. "You walk down the street and there are shoe stores, bakeries and here we're controlling some robotic mechanism on Mars."

Not that anyone even notices. "We don't get any neighborhood reaction," Mr. Gorevan said. "I thought somebody would wander in from the street once in a while, but it doesn't happen. It doesn't register with people."
Hey, New Yorkers, drop in on your neighbors and give them props for their part in the mission to Mars! Give them our regards.