View Full Version : Iran Launches a Monkey on a Suborbital Rocket

2013-Jan-29, 06:00 AM
According to Iran state media, Iran launched a suborbital rocket last week with a passenger aboard: a monkey. A gray tufted monkey survived the flight, riding inside an “indigenous bio-capsule” which was recovered after the flight. While the US and other nations are worried that Iranís real goal is to have a nuclear missile program, [...]

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2013-Jan-29, 10:25 AM
America's response (http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/international/america-to-send-monkey-riding-a-dog-into-space-2013012957856)

THE US is to send a monkey strapped to a dog on a space mission, it has emerged.

Following Iran’s claims to have sent a monkey into orbit, president Obama said he is determined that the US leads the world in entertaining, morally dubious animal space travel.

The monkey-on-dog astronaut team will consist of a three-year-old collie called Heston and Peanut, a Capuchin monkey wearing a cowboy hat and a leather jacket with the American flag on its back.

2013-Jan-29, 09:41 PM
Nice one. I knew I should have posted this last night. Good for Iran. America is worried about them building nuclear missiles but personally I'm more worried about America doing that. Oh right. They did. America has been terrified of every other nation getting space capability ever since Sputnik. They have been bombing the middle east for decades and now they are frightened of payback. They should be and deservedly so. Especially now they don't even have any launch systems. Look at their international debt. They will never pay off those trillions and get back into space. They had a good run so there is nothing really to complain about. The recession was brought about by their own incompetence, stupidity and greed. The middle east and china are collaborating on a lot of mineral mining and construction. Hope they expand on that one day and work together in space. Its so good to finally see america falling behind. I hate thugs and america has always been a world bully.

Congratulations Iran.