View Full Version : The Cost Exploring Space: Film vs. Reality

2013-Jan-30, 11:40 PM
We all know that space exploration, while certainly not the largest expenditure of most countries, doesn’t come cheap. But neither do big-budget science fiction films, either. Special effects, sets, special effects, popular acting talent… special effects… those all come with hefty price tags that make sci-fi and fantasy films costly ventures — although bigger definitely [...]

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2013-Jan-31, 03:52 PM
Well the infographic lists the cost of the sci-fi movies and then compares them to the space programs
of India, Canada and Norway. Not exactly what you would call major space-faring nations....

If they're trying to say we could give up movies to fund real-life projects, the problem is that TV and
movies inspire people to do real-life things. Huge numbers of NASA engineers came forth to say that
the reason they became rocket scientists was from growing up watching StarTrek and StarWars....