View Full Version : Planets even more common than already thought?

2013-Jan-31, 05:37 AM
TW Hydrae --"An Aging Star Found Creating New Worlds" (http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/01/tw-hydrae-an-aging-star-found-creating-new-worlds.html)

So if old stars still create planets well into their menopause then does that mean planets are going to be even more common?

2013-Jan-31, 02:09 PM
Producing planets late in a stars life detracts little from material for latter steller nurseries, so yes, I think increased total planets in the universe.
I would like to think there are a millon planets within 100 lightyears = some stars may have lots more than 8 planets and thousands of rocky bodies bigger than the two moons of Mars are sort of probable for many of the stars. Neil

2013-Feb-01, 02:59 AM
Its getting cluttersome out there. Maybe thats why we haven't been visited. Too much traffic congestion.