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2013-Jan-31, 05:55 AM

MIT's research in 2012 von an ancient lunar rock suggests that the moon once harbored a long-lived dynamo a molten, convecting core of liquid metal that generated a strong magnetic field 3.7 billion years ago. The findings pointed to a dynamo that lasted much longer than scientists previously thought, and suggest that an alternative energy source may have powered the dynamo.

2013-Jan-31, 02:01 PM
Does calling it a dynamo suggest that the core of the Moon used to rotate 10% faster or slower than the Moon's mantal? Neil

2013-Jan-31, 03:38 PM
That would also suggest the Moon might harbor a vast amount of metallic resources we might be able to mine in the future.

It would be very important to find out if this core exists.

2013-Jan-31, 04:36 PM
There's no scheduled lunar seismic network mission?
Well, here's a big old review (pdf) of what was known of the internal structure as of 2006:
Understanding the Interior of the Moon: A Missing Fundamental Dataset (http://sci2.esa.int/Conferences/ILC2005/Presentations/NealC-01-PPT.pdf) (pdf)

2013-Jan-31, 04:51 PM
Does calling it a dynamo suggest that the core of the Moon used to rotate 10% faster or slower than the Moon's mantal? Neil

Yes it couldbe the result of an old dynamo ,or something else .

See this picture of the moon magnetic spots : 17988

These strange magnetic zones may be the remnants of an asteroid impact some scientists say. So we need to goto moon again , with robots and actual geologists. Hope to see that one day . (One day ?? :doh: )

2013-Feb-01, 02:56 AM
What? Geologists? Don't you mean a couple of military elite and a token civilian? Like last time. Sending actual scientists to the moon sounds treacherous. Some of those ex-airforce trainee astronauts have been waiting a decade or more to reach space. Surely you wouldn't dash their hopes and dreams just for the sake of having professionals on board who can do a better job. Where is your patriotism? :)

2013-Feb-01, 05:13 PM
I don't think your sense of humour will be universally appreciated !

And by the way I am not american as you could have noticed . . .

2013-Feb-23, 08:00 PM
Heat and pressure keep us from drilling more than about 30 kilometers into Earth's surface. We should be able to drill 180 kilometers into the moon before we have the same pressure, and perhaps the heat is also tolerable 180 kilometers below the surface of the moon, but it is a lot farther to the core of the moon. Possibly we can drill to the center of a dwarf planet or large asteroid, but the cost is extreme. Is there any chance that a dwarf planet could have caves that extend all the way to the center? Have we used tomagraphy that would find caves on any body besides Earth? Does Earth have a billion kilometers of cave over 2 meters large dimention that have been maped? How deep does 2013 tomography give cave locations of reasonable confidence? Neil