View Full Version : Further constraints on single degenerate type 1a supernovae

2013-Feb-05, 07:25 PM
The argument continues on whether or not type 1a supernovae are the result of the merger of two white dwarfs (DD...double degenerate)..or one white dwarf in a binary with another more typical star (main sequence, red giant...etc)...therefor single degenerate...SD. The authors argue that the second pair would cause stripping of the companion's envelope, which after the iron-rich ejecta calms down... would be seen spectroscopically as ionized hydrogen. Searches of three local supernovae find no such signature, although modeling of late phase transparency may change. Looks like the DD model is pulling ahead in the race. pete

2013-Feb-06, 03:16 AM
The single degenerate theory developed before we knew how common binary systems are.