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2004-Nov-09, 06:18 PM
A while ago I posted a thread inquiring about Walmart parking lot lighting. I also emailed corporate headquaters and enquired about their lighting policy for the store to be built here. I just about fell off my chair this morning. A courier delivered a letter to me from the engineering firm responsible for the design of our new Walmart store. It says, in part:

"The parking lot lighting standards (luminaries) that will be specified for the above project are classified by the Illuminating Engineering Society as type IV, very short cut-off with zero above 90 degrees cut-off feature and flat full cut-off lens, which eliminate light pollution..."

Also, "Both the lighting standards and wall mounted security lighting fixtures that will be specified bear the "international dark sky" approved label."

I'm impressed.

2004-Nov-09, 06:21 PM

2004-Nov-09, 07:14 PM
Wow, definately impressive. Glad they've tried to accomadate you Evan and the new light pollution will be at a minimum. :)

2004-Nov-09, 09:07 PM
Now, the next question is thus:

Concrete, or pavement in the parking lot?

2004-Nov-09, 09:09 PM
Wow, that is rather impressive.

2004-Nov-09, 09:20 PM

It will be asphalt pavement. There is no concrete supplier big enough within 150 miles plus concrete isn't used for paving around here. It doesn't hold up in the winter.

2004-Nov-09, 10:54 PM
=D> Evan But can they guarantee it won't snow or rain on that nice black tarmac?

The Supreme Canuck
2004-Nov-10, 03:38 AM
In Canada? No way.