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2004-Nov-10, 03:32 AM
"...a Grumman HU-16B Albatross, which served a long career as an air and sea rescue workhorse for the U.S. Air Force, into a mobile base for its [Billabong's] Adventure Division surf expeditions...The 63-foot amphibious aircraft has...a range of 3,300 nautical miles at a speed of 170 knots without requiring refueling. It's powered by two nine-cylinder, radial-piston engines. Two pilots will control the aircraft while nine passengers are carried around the world. The 97-foot wingspan will
support a 10,000-pound loaded capacity for food, camping gear, surfboards and camera equipment..."
photo example (http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/modern_flight/hu16.jpg)

2004-Nov-10, 05:29 AM
They make great planes for fishing and surfing, as well as other incidents. The Hemisphere Dancer (http://margaritavilleorlando.com/LP_gallery.htm) served a purpose before it was retired.

2004-Nov-10, 05:51 AM
Ah---had no idea Jimmy Buffett is a licensed pilot =D>

2004-Nov-10, 09:51 AM
Jimmy Buffet?

That's a Beach Boys song!

"Let's go surfin' now
Everybody's learnin' how
Come on and safari with me..."


2004-Nov-11, 03:07 PM
Right---see Parrothead's 'Hemisphere Dancer' link, tho.

2004-Nov-11, 03:22 PM
Hemisphere Dancer is a beautiful plane, I weep for her evertime I see her in Universal City Walk because most of the tourists that touch such a magnificient aircraft have no real appreciation for it.