View Full Version : Smallest planet yet found outside solar system

2013-Feb-20, 08:10 PM
Tiny exoplanet smaller than Mercury: Smallest planet yet found outside solar system (Update) February 20, 2013

An international team of astronomers has used nearly three years of high precision data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft to make the first observations of a planet outside our solar system that's smaller than Mercury, the smallest planet orbiting our sun.

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Bad Ronald
2013-Feb-21, 07:10 PM
I learned about this earlier today. Very cool significant news. I read this planet's ~the size of the Moon. Hopefully an Earthlike world will be found soon. Watch, they'll find one around Alpha Centauri A or B & it'll turn out to be like Eden in that TOS episode:(

2013-Feb-21, 11:39 PM
Pretty cool. It's a Hot Mercury, although Mercury itself is quite hot.

2013-Feb-22, 02:46 PM
Is it least massive, after all?

PSR B1257+12A has about 1,6 times the mass of Moon, but unknown volume and density

Kepler-37b has about 1,35 times the volume of Moon, but unknown mass and density

Given that Mercury has about 1,6 times the (uncompressed) density of Moon, is it actually known which planet is smaller - PSR B1257+12A or Kepler-37b?