View Full Version : SpaceX Dragon Impressive

2013-Mar-02, 03:55 AM
The Dragon mission to the ISS launched today by private firm SpaceX seemed all the more impressive due to what the media at first saw as failures. The ability to quickly get three reluctant steering thrusters turned on through instructions from the ground is good reason to salute the engineers. I recall the early days of rocket launches when many resulted in complete failure due to one tiny glitch with no way to correct it from the ground.

2013-Mar-03, 10:39 PM
Engine out, redundancy in thrusters, these allow a showcase of margin. Musks rockets are somewhat overbuilt and allow for depressed trajectories.
There are some problems that it is good to have to show how you can get through them.

And then there was that balloon tank Atlas-Agena D that crumpled to the ground in May 1963. That looked worse than Vanguard.