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2013-Mar-02, 08:58 PM
This past week I'm having a little annoying problem, every five of seven images my session ends abruptly. On top of that, if I'm not refreshing the statistic page every few images, I can continue working with the images without knowing what my session is already ended.

After re-log in, if you not close the tab where the images are loading a open a new one for that, the images never sums up in the statistics, so basically you have to start all over for thing to work right again.

I tried, and reproduced this bug, from two different internet connections (even different type: 1 cable modem and 1 ADSL) with the same result. Hope this can be fixed easily :)

P.D.: This can be extra canyoning if you are trying the mark boulders, thing what takes time in some occasions ;__;
P.D. 2: My default browser is Firefox.

2013-Mar-03, 08:13 AM
No problem in Oregon. Dave H

2013-Mar-03, 10:04 AM
I forwarded this to the build team.

2013-Mar-03, 12:19 PM
I forwarded this to the build team.

Thanks, I will do tests with another browsers to see the differences, but this morning I still having serious problem, for example I have marked about six or even images by now but the counter only registers 1, I have 1363 when started and half and hour later only have 1364 :(

UPDATE about the previous point: When I clicked the Submit reply button I receive the notice of ended session (even when was refreshing the statistics page to see if the counter changes) so... it seem what only my first image was taken in count.

Further report after the tests :)

2013-Mar-03, 01:02 PM
New report:

First test row with my usual configuration (the only active toolbar what I use is the Avira security toolbar (free edition)):

Firefox : Same as before.
Internet Explorer 8: Cannot test "this browser is too old to use canvas". Cannot upgrade because I'm using Windows XP.
Google Chrome: Same results as Firefox.

Second test row disabling the Avira toolbar:

Firefox: Excellent the first minutes, even the counter problem seems to go away, jumping from 1364 to 1368 with problem, don't registering a couple, and stopping completely in 1370.
Chrome: Not taken in count because the Avira toolbar cannot be disable by normal means there, I will look up that later.

I will install Opera to do one more test and come back to report the results, but this is worrying the system only registered 7 of more of 20 images marked :sad:

Opera (installed with the default options): Made four sessions because the auto log off problem, in the first and second one after five image (all counted in the counter), in the third the counter froze up again, manual log off this time to give the system some time, in the fourth attempt the counter start to work again and auto log off after six images this time.

Conclusion for the moment: There is definitely a problem with the counter related to what browser you are using and the Avira (or other similar tool bars,) may have a little impact but is not the critical point. The auto log off problem still is the main issue for me, at least is more predictable with Opera.

Solution for the moment: Well, Vesta is my favorite project now and I will not give up easily (at least now I hava reached 1391 in my counter, but the real number is much higher), so will use Opera for the moment for Cosmoquest (I never experienced this kind of problem with Stardust@home or Zoouniverse for example), it's have a nice performance for this tasks. There is some way to tell where the not counted images go? I mean without a gallery is hard to tell which ones are not taken in count for my account.

I hope what all this info and test could give useful info to the devs teams and to some other user with some kind of problem :)

P.D.: In some related note, I just noticed what the counter for number of post in my statistics is froze in 86.
P.D. 2: Well, today I have spend more of two hours doing this, I must say that is a little frustrating but also rewarding when reaching some useful conclusions, if any project need help with this kind of test only let me know :D
P.D. 3: Another auto log off happened while editing the post.

2013-Mar-03, 02:52 PM
Well, that was fun, now I understand a little better what the devs feels :doh:

And if this is a particular problem of my account I hope what a solution is possible :)