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2004-Nov-13, 04:00 AM
Gggrrr..... For some reason today my headset microphone quit working. No clue why but i cant get anything out of it. The headset itself works, but not the microphone. Grr....

I think i might have to get a new one. I checked all the recording and microphone boxes and nuthing (soundblaster recording options and the main windows.) . Downloaded the newest soundblaster drivers, nuthing. Sigh. Oh well im going to best buy on sunday. Mind as well. any suggestions? relatively cheap please. I use it both as a headset so the speakers do not wake rachel if im playing a late game or music, and also to talk to buddies online in Teamspeak and other chat rooms with voice.

Well if that does not work then it has to be my computer and i might need a new sound card. Thats alot worse. But i highly doubt it since the sound card works perfectly with everything else (speakers and headset speakers).

Im guessing that the wires severed from the microphone. Sigh...

[goes off to kill something online. ]

2004-Nov-13, 04:41 AM
Can you plug it in to a "non-PC" device, and test the output?

2004-Nov-13, 11:30 AM
Could be a faulty cable, I had the same thing when the wire broke where it enters the michrophone assembly. Cheaper to get a new mike than try to butcher the old one. If you have a pair of headphones try plugging those into the mike socket, you should hear something when you tap the earpieces. (The speaker is just a mike working backwards!). That would prove the sound card/pc was working. :D

2004-Nov-13, 01:23 PM
Sometimes it can be as trivial as dirty contacts. Try slowly rotating the plug in its socket, see if you can find a point where the contact's a bit better.

2004-Nov-13, 03:29 PM
Ok Zebo tried it and heared the thumping and me making funny noises when i plugged the headphone portion into the mike slot. So it is a faulty wire.

Im not surprised, the mice is on a swiveling mount, and one too manyt swivels probobly disloged it.

Rotating the plug in both microphone slots does not work.

O.K> thanks for the info guys. This makes me feel alot better about having to buy a new card. Now its just a headset. :-)