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2001-Nov-11, 09:40 PM

2001-Nov-12, 12:54 AM
Yeah! I had heard that the Leonids might be spectacular this year, the first time in a decade or more? I think it was bruited about that the western Pacific might see the height of the shower. I'm on the wrong side of the big water! Oh well, November in Oregon is 95% clouds anyway.

2001-Nov-12, 12:59 AM
Anyone know when the peak is supposed to occur?

Kaptain K
2001-Nov-12, 01:12 AM
According to Sky & Telescope magazine, 5am EST, 4 central, etc. See here for article:

2001-Nov-12, 09:48 AM
And November 18th, of course. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

The Leonids have been predicted to be spectaclar before, and sometimes the predictions are right, but there have been washouts too. The first prediction was a couple years ago, and the storm wasn't bad--they just couldn't see it in NA.

NA got a chance 35 years ago. Not to bring up religion gratuitously, but one Sky and Telescope article a few years ago mentioned that the appearance of the Leonids a couple hundred years ago may have contributed to the Great Awakening--people thought the dramatic meteor shower was the end of the world, and got religion the next day.