View Full Version : Airliner passing crescent moon on 13.3.2013

2013-Mar-15, 12:53 PM
Greetings all,

I guess I made every mistake in the book trying to photograph comet PANSTARRS and the crescent moon on the evening of Wednesday, March 13. I don't even dare to show the pictures. Better luck tonite.

However, on that evening, I pointed my scope at the thin crescent of the Moon and caught an airliner as it flew past:


Incidentally, in case anyone can help me on that: Based on the pudginess of the fuselage and the shape of the vertical stabilizer, and the absence of winglets, I would say either Boeing 737-500 or -600, does that sound right? Sorry for veering off-topic here, I hope the fact that I did post an astronomical picture together with my question makes it acceptable just this once.

CS and greetings from Germany


Scope: 420 mm focal length/70 mm aperture apochromatic refractor with Scientific Explore Field Flattener
Camera: Canon 1000D, non-modified, attached via T2 adapter onto the field flattener
Settings: ISO 400, 1/80 s