View Full Version : Planck’s Cosmic Map Reveals Universe Older, Expanding More Slowly

2013-Mar-21, 09:30 PM
Like archaeologists sifting through the dust of ancient civilizations, scientists with the ESA Planck mission today showed a map of the oldest light in the Universe. The first cosmology results of the mission suggest our Universe is slightly older and expanding more slowly than previously thought. Planck’s new estimate for the age of the Universe [...]

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2013-Mar-21, 10:42 PM
Older, and slower expansion - much closer to the rate determined using the often-dished Tully-Fisher methodology; squeezing even more dark stuff into the equation and confining 'known' physically characterized and observable matter to 4.9% of the gross equation.

Giving us a 95.1% probability something big is still not right.