View Full Version : Sequester Cancels NASA Outreach

2013-Mar-22, 10:20 PM
  Well, it looks like it’s finally happened: the U.S. sequester –*a “series of across-the-board cuts to government agencies totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 years” (CNN) — has finally hit NASA… right where it hurts, too: in public outreach and STEM programs. In an internal memo issued on the evening of Friday, March 22, the [...]

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2013-Mar-23, 03:44 AM
Tempest brewing in the commentary. Interesting. Apparently there were some comments (in the article?) about one of the article's sources. Remarks have been deleted.

2013-Mar-23, 01:52 PM
It's truly worrying, but the events will develop in a favorable direction.

2013-Mar-23, 02:18 PM
As space enthusiasts, we must remember that this makes our work as unofficial space promoters that much more important.