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2013-Mar-25, 07:50 PM
There was a small swarm of 12 Earhtquakes at Rustler Peak on the 24th, the largest of these magnitude 3.1.

Rustler Peak, another prominent basaltic shield volcano on the top of which stands a symmetrical dome of pale hornblende andesite. So far as is known, this andesite is the only lava in the entire stretch of the High Cascades between Mounts Shasta and Mazama that relieves the monotony of the olivine basalts and basic pyroxene andesites; and this is the only domical protrusion yet recognized in that stretch of 80 miles.

Rustler Peak is 12 miles North of Mt. McLoughlin and about 22 miles Southwest of Crater Late Rim. Rustler Peak is also one of the few known sources of green hornblende pumice, that used to be used in the green tinted asphalt in region roads.

2013-Mar-29, 07:17 PM
Official statement fom PNSN and CVO, is that they don't have any equimpment close enough to this mountain to accurately determine if this is just a typical earthquake swarm, or a volcanic swarm. Although they do have InSars monitoring they can use to detect uplift, the decision was made to just wait and see on this small peak.

No more quakes since this small swarm.

2013-Apr-02, 07:33 PM
Not April Fools...

A small 0.9mag quake 6:20pm PDT yesterday, same region as the other events on the west side of Rustler Peak. On one siesmograph, and only one, there was some small indication this one was a volcanic quake with precursor and post quake tremors, around .1 to .2 mag.

Again, that only showed up on 1 seismograph, so it is likely just two events, unrelated but showing at the same time. As this is in an active area of the ETS (episodic Tremor and Slip) mentioned on another thread, I'm guessing the Tremor is from the ETS slip, and the Quake just a normal one.

2013-Apr-05, 07:17 PM
Two more minor quakes, a 1.9 yesterday and a 1.2 today. These events appear to be normal strike/slip ones. I found pics of the lookout on top of this mountain, but there don't appear to be any real good ones of the mountain itself. Not even old B/W ones.

2013-Apr-18, 09:29 PM
3 quakes this week at rustler peak, all minor ones of 1.2 or less magnitude and regular quakes.

2013-Aug-30, 08:02 PM
A very tiny quake this week at Rustler Peak, tectonic not volcanic.