View Full Version : Comet PANSTARRS En Route To Andromeda Galaxy Encounter

2013-Mar-28, 06:50 PM
Get ready for an comet encounter of the extragalactic kind. In less than a week, Comet PANSTARRS will slide by the Andromeda Galaxy, the brightest galaxy visible in northern hemisphere skies. On and around that date, you’ll be able to see them both glowing softly together in late evening and early morning twilight. Their apparent [...]

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2013-Mar-28, 07:56 PM
Nice article, even with a typo that would make Carl Sagan proud.

Their apparent proximity if of course pure sleight of hand; the comet will be a mere 121 million miles (195 million km) from Earth on that date compared to Andromeda’s 2.5 billion light years

emphasis mine.