View Full Version : NASA Scientists Discuss Potential Comet Impact on Mars

2013-Mar-28, 09:50 PM
There is a small but non-negligible chance that Comet 2013 A1 will hit Mars October of 2014. According the latest calculations from JPL, the comet is estimated to come within 120,000 kilometers (74,000 miles). In this video, various NASA scientists discuss the potential impact, and invariably view such an impact as scientifically very intriguing. “I [...]

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2013-Mar-29, 01:44 AM
74000 miles is still a good distance, and I'm sure with further observations a direct hit will be ruled out. I've seen posts indicating what happens if the comet were to break up due to tidal forces of mars. Space is large, I'm sure there would not be a threat to earth, big distances, and not everything out there is after us.