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2013-Apr-05, 06:41 PM
With all the bad weather imaging has been a luxury over the last few months and then 3 clear nights in a row crop up and I was off duty, as the moon wasn't about I thought I would have a go at the Leo Triplet. It was taken over three nights with 30x10 minutes Luminance, 19x10 minutes Red, 14x10 minutes Green and 12x10 minutes Blue. It was taken with the FSQ106ED at f5 on a Paramount ME with a FLI Microline 8300, auto guiding was by a Lodestar and OAG using dithering. Light pollution was a bit of a problem as I had to shoot directly over our neighbours roof and their bedroom light was on frequently so Gradient Xterminator earned its keep in the processing.
This a crop of the full field of view image which can be seen at the following link
I have only ever tried the triplet one before when I first started imaging, this "effort" can be seen in the image gallery on my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk for comparison (what a difference a few years and practice makes!)
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2013-Apr-06, 01:43 AM
Wow, very nice