View Full Version : Are these examples of absurdities in Religion?

2013-Apr-14, 06:48 AM
Would these be considered absurdities?

What about the child who only lived to 4? While others lived a rip old age? This cant be justified in religion.

Even if there is an afterlife for the ones treated unfairly by evil or sickness or natural disasters. Does that mean the 4 yr old will be a child in heaven for ever?

Under religion this just seems so arbitrary if God & the bible was true. What would be the point of God making the world so a child only lives to 4? Wouldn't this imply the world is a joke & not important? Who is to say the afterlife is the final life?

I got so much more of this its shocking.

captain swoop
2013-Apr-14, 08:36 AM
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2013-Apr-15, 12:08 AM
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