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2013-Apr-15, 01:32 PM
So I'm struggling through the forum issues here to write this. Hopefully it works (and I click on the right things).
So I've just read an article about the F-1b project and I had a few questions.

First: When is a design considered "new" and not an "update"? The reason I ask is because the F1-b looks to me like a new engine. Based on an F-1 yes but is this kind of like saying Koenigsegg's engine is based on the Model T? (Not to that extreme... but you get the idea)

Second is: Can the F-1 scale? It seems like such a compelling design that (especially in F-1b form) design scale seems like an interesting route to go. I know this IS rocket science but from what I can gather modern private rockets kind of reinvent the wheel as far as design - am I missing something as far as the engineering goes? Are we running into "human rated" types of issues - Falcon engines don't follow F-1 design because they are meant for different payload?

Anyway. Just some musings.

2013-Apr-20, 08:00 PM
Here is a nice article or two on F-1

The SLS strap-on booster "is tentatively named Pyrios, after one of the fiery horses that pulled the god Apollo's chariot"

Now for them to work on this: