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2013-Apr-22, 05:10 PM
Wreckage, war and wrath are often the only results we see after aliens invade Earth, at least if you believe science fiction classics such as*War of the Worlds.*The new SyFy show*Defiance, though, shows something a bit different: humans and aliens (Votans) trying to live side by side after*the war. (...)Read the rest of Defiance: What [...]

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2013-May-24, 07:48 AM
I think I like the show , but it is not extreme enthousiasm . It is a mixture of Firefly , Babylon5 and a little farscape and a little Nova terra . . . Good work , rather optimistic but not very original.

2013-May-24, 08:08 AM
They say originality doesn't sell tho.

Now, I figure the two on the left side of the picture must be either the aliens or some LARPers who happened to wander in on the set. If the former, they look awfully like elves in the Wolsung RPG. Prolly not something an everage viewer will find distracting... :p

Oh and I still think Majestic 12 Games should sue for using the name Defiance. They (almost) got sued for using the name Starslayer after all, albeit not by the same lot as is doing this TV-show and the accompanying game.