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2013-Apr-26, 12:21 PM
I missed most of the lunar eclipse on the evening of April 25 due to other commitments. I just managed to get a few shots with a telephoto lense, no tripod, but none of them were very good. Still, they show that the eclipse was much more visible, even to the naked eye, than many of the predictions I read would have had me believe. As in gadeid's picture and report, you can see that the region Northwest of the Mare Figoris was pretty much darkened, with the penumbra cone extending down to the Mare Imbrium and Mare Serenitatis.

Here is one of the pics (and yes, I agree that there is ample scope for improvement):


Later that night, when I did have time, the eclipse was over, but I was planning to put my new Maksutov-Cassegrain through its paces, which is what I did. Seeing was so-so ... after some really warm and sunny days, the weather turned bad and one could see that a mass of cold air was beginning to move in and push out the warmer air.

This is a composite image showing Saturn, Titan in the o'clock position, Rhea in the the 6 o'clock position and Dione in the 9 o'clock position. No stacking, just some contrast adjustment and the creation of the composite out of long exposure time and a shorter exposure time images:

Saturn image: ISO 200, 1/10 sec
Moons image: ISO 800, 1 sec


And here the full moon, taken on 26 April 2013, around 01:30 CEDT, ISO 800, 1/640 sec



Telescope: Intes Micro Alter M 500, Maksutov Cassegrain (127 mm aperture, 1270 mm focal length)
Mount: Skywatcher EQ5-Pro Synscan GoTo
Camera: Canon EOS 1000d
Location: Darmstadt, Germany, 2013/4/26, 00:00-02:00 CEDT

Greetings from Germany and CS


2013-Apr-26, 07:24 PM

You used a lower exposure for Saturn than you did the Moon?

2013-Apr-26, 09:51 PM

You used a lower exposure for Saturn than you did the Moon?

I used 1 second at ISO 800 for the Saturn Moons, 1/10th at ISO 200 of a second for Saturn and 1/640th at ISO 800 of a second for the full Moon. At least in the pictures shown here. I also shot a lot of pictures at other ISO settings and exposure times.

2013-Apr-26, 11:50 PM
Oh moons. I misread.