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Jeff Root
2013-Apr-27, 04:33 PM
I still don't know how to find good forums for
discussing topics that don't fit on Cosmoquest.

Right now I'd like to ask what kind of hardware
to install in a wood desk with a drawer to act
as a latch for the drawer. Google found a site
that looked promising until I saw the notice that
it was for professional woodworkers only, not
for hobbyists or do-it-yourselfers.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2013-Apr-28, 01:07 AM
I'd bet money that one's well within the purview of some of our members, quite likely even professionally.

2013-Apr-28, 03:51 AM
Woodworking & DIY are in my repertoire. I'll check my bookmarks next time I'm on the desktop.

2013-Apr-28, 03:55 AM
You might also check http://www.rockler.com for hardware.

Jeff Root
2013-Apr-28, 06:23 AM
There used to be a Rockler store right on the route I usually
take between where I am and where my parents are, but it
closed a couple of years ago. The remaining stores are out
in the suburbs. (Across the street from the closed Rockler
store is a mineral and fossil store. I happened to be going
by it on foot a few days ago, so I acquired a couple of pretty
things I have no use for. One is a mineral that, from the
name and optical properties, I suspect contains selenium.
Unfortunately it didn't come with a description tag and I
didn't write down the info. I'll hafta go back.)

The desk is what I think is called a "secretary". It has a
hinged fold-down front that I don't recall ever lowering to
its fully-open position. I just open it far enough to get at
something inside. I think my mother bought it and had it
refinished by someone else. On the other side of the hinge
edge is a horizontal surface -- the inside bottom of the
main compartment. I think it is 3/4" thick. Immediately
under it is a drawer, which has metal roller glides on the
sides. The drawer tends to roll out on its own. I want to
add a latch that keeps it from rolling out unless a bit of
force is applied to the handle to get it started.

The front panel of the drawer is 11/16" thick. Unlike the
fold-down panel, it has no keyhole or latch. But the
underside of the bottom of the main compartment has a
groove cut into it, 3/4" in from its front edge. The groove
is centered on the center of the drawer and is 3/16" wide,
has a shape like it was made by a small circular saw
plunged directly into the surface, is 3-1/4" long, and
roughly 1/2" deep at the center. I thought I measured
the depth but I see that I didn't write it down.

I don't know how the curved groove could be used for
installing a latch, but I can't imagine any other reason
for it to be there. If I can get a latch that somehow
uses that already-existing groove, I'll be very happy.
Or at least momentarily pleased.

Alternatively, and probably at greater cost and effort,
I could replace the drawer glides with some that don't
let the drawer roll open by itself.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2013-Apr-28, 06:48 AM
Some mounting holes on drawer glides are elongated vertically. If you can loosen the back screws and slightly drop the backs of the slides...not very much...it might solve the problem.

But before you do that...is the desk itself level, front-to-back? If not, (new) floor glides on the front legs might be the cheapest and easiest fix.

Jeff Root
2013-Apr-28, 06:53 AM
Hey! I didn't know that Rockler started in Minneapolis!

Hey! They have a forum at woodworking.com !

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

Jeff Root
2013-Apr-28, 07:01 AM

The desk is on carpet. The back legs are probably tight
against the wall, where the carpet has one of those boards
with metal teeth under it to hold it stretched tight, making
the carpet stick up slightly. I wonder if levelling the desk
will be enough to do the trick. Great suggestions!

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

Ara Pacis
2013-Apr-28, 08:52 PM
Does HGTV or DIY Network have fora? Maybe "This Old House" on PBS?