View Full Version : Helium and volcano forecasting

Ara Pacis
2013-Apr-30, 05:58 PM
I'm not sure if using helium to forecast magma movements and eruptions (http://news.yahoo.com/helium-gas-heralded-underwater-volcano-eruption-151430699.html) is new or if it's another one of those articles that makes a decades old technique look like it's a new discovery.

Also, will it work everywhere or is there something about the geology of the Canary Islands that makes it work. Also, shall we assume that the increase in Helium is due to fracturing rock allowing more helium to escape, because I'm sure there's an ATM theory in there somewhere about increasing nuclear fission being a cause.

I guess the next time I'm near a volcano and I my voice starts to sound squeaky, I had better run. :)

2013-Apr-30, 06:59 PM
I haven't heard of monitoring Helium flux before with relation to volcano's so this sounds like a new technique.

I found one abstract here, http://geology.gsapubs.org/content/41/5/539.abstract.

However I also found older articles discussing Helium Flux and Neon Flux in magma, so this may just be one of the first time someone looked at Helium flux before and during an eruption sequence.