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2013-May-14, 06:46 PM
Mt. Pavlof was upgraded to condition orange yesterday about noon, after an increase of seismicity and thermal readings from satellites. Still unconfirmed visualy, there may be a low level lava eruption on the summit.


2013-May-16, 06:45 PM
Mt. Pavlof has been confirmed visually as erupting.


The eruption of Pavlof Volcano continues. Elevated seismic activity persists and a steam and ash cloud are visible in web camera images rising occasionally up to about 20,000 ft. above sea level. A diffuse ash plume was reported late last night at an altitude of 15,000 above sea level and extending downwind to the northeast for up to 100 miles before dissipating. A recent pilot report today indicated a dark ash cloud extending east-northeast at an altitude of 20,000 above sea level. National Weather Service issued a Sigmet yesterday that remains active today.

Residents of Cold Bay, located 37 miles southwest of the volcano, observed incandescent glow at the summit during the night. Pilot reports and photographs from yesterday afternoon indicate that the lava flow extending down the northwest flank is still active and has generated debris-laden flow deposits, presumably from interaction of hot lava with the snow and ice on the flank.

2013-May-17, 07:06 PM
Mt. Pavlof pyroclastic flow, a small one, caught on Cam. http://www.avo.alaska.edu/images/dbimages/1368766363.jpg

2013-May-20, 06:46 PM
View of the eruption from Saturday http://www.avo.alaska.edu/images/dbimages/1368993165.jpg

It appears to be two vents, the main vent erupting at the summit, and a second steam vent soemwhere down it's flank. AVO status from yesterday indicates the eruptions is still going strong, and that some near by cities had minor amounts of ash fall.

2013-May-23, 06:46 PM
There was a marked decline in Seismic activity yesterday at Mt. Pavlof, thats continued through today, but clouds obscured other observations. Satellites still showing strong thermal readings, even through the could cover.

2013-May-24, 05:58 PM
Nice picture of the Mt. Pavlof erruption from the ISS (http://www.livescience.com/34637-pavlof-volcano-from-space.html) (link is to livescience.com)

2013-May-24, 08:48 PM
Nice one!

2013-May-28, 06:40 PM
Over the weekend the activity at Mt. Pavlof has decreased to near background levels. No Ash or Steam emmisions, and Satellites are no longer seeing higher thermal readings.

USGS/AVO says that this may just be a very calm phase, and not the true end of the eruption sequence.

2013-May-28, 10:55 PM
Nice picture of the Mt. Pavlof erruption from the ISS (http://www.livescience.com/34637-pavlof-volcano-from-space.html) (link is to livescience.com)

The Bad Astronomer (remember him?) linked to that picture as well, with the obligatory salivation and rings-a-bell puns.

2013-May-29, 02:19 AM
with the obligatory salivation and rings-a-bell puns.
Well that's good, because it saves me the effort. Must be the BA's dogged perseverance. :D

2013-May-30, 06:31 PM
Mt. Pavlof was downgraded to Condition Yellow yeasterday. AVO is still saying it could increse in activity with little forwaring, and has a history of that sort of thing.

2013-Jun-05, 07:00 PM
At 11:00am AKST yesterday, Mt. Pavlof was upgraded back to Condition Orange, after a 19,000 ft high ash emmission began, which is still going through today. Weak levels of siesmicity also started at the same time as the ash eruption.

2013-Jul-02, 06:47 PM
Mt. Pavlof eruption continues, though at low levels. There has been some intermittent ash and lava fountianing.

2013-Jul-08, 06:56 PM
Mt. Pavlof was downgraded to condition yellow on the 3rd.

Accorting to the VONA notification:

Over the past two days, the eruptive activity at Pavlof has greatly declined. Seismic tremor and small discrete explosions are no longer detected in seismic and pressure sensor data. Satellite observations show no evidence of elevated surface temperatures, volcanic gas, or ash emissions.

2013-Aug-09, 06:52 PM
Mt. Pavlof was downgraded back to Condition Green yesterday. Since July 26th, Seismic activity has been at normal background levels, and there have been no signs of other activity since July, 3rd. AVO will however keep a close eye on it still, as Pavlof is known to be quiet as along as 55 days, and then erupt again.

2014-Nov-22, 08:42 PM
Just was reading in the paper today that Pavlof has been more active recently (it is currently condition Orange), so here is the latest from the AVO (http://www.avo.alaska.edu/activity/Pavlof.php).

2014-11-21 12:02:04 - Weekly Update
Since the explosive eruption on Saturday, November 15, activity at Pavlof has remained low. Seismicity in the form of intermittent volcanic tremor has been detected since Saturday, and satellite images show that a lava flow on the volcano's northwest flank now reaches about 7 km (4.4 miles) from the summit. It is unclear whether eruptive activity has currently paused, or whether lava effusion is occurring at a low rate.

The ash-producing eruption on November 15 lasted from mid-morning until about 7 PM AKST, and produced an ash cloud that stretched northwest over the Bering Sea for over 400 km (250 miles). Numerous pilot reports placed the top of the cloud at 30,000 to 35,000 ft asl, consistent with satellite data. No ash fall was reported in nearby communities.

2016-Mar-28, 06:03 PM
Time to wake up. Pavlof is now condition Red.

From the AVO (http://www.avo.alaska.edu/activity/Pavlof.php)

The eruption of Pavlof Volcano, that began around 4 pm AKDT yesterday (00:00 UTC) continues. Seismic tremor remains at very high levels. Lighting associated with the ash eruption has been detected this morning, and infrasound (pressure sensor) data from a sensor network located in Dillingham (400 miles or 650 km) also indicate sustained ash emissions.

As of 7:00 AKDT (15:00 UTC) a continuous plume of ash is observed in satellite images extending for a distance of more than 400 miles (650 km) to the northeast over interior Alaska. SIGMET warning messages issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) Alaska Aviation Weather Unit indicate maximum ash cloud altitude of 37,000 ft above sea level.


Lava fountaining from the summit crater was observed throughout the night by mariners, pilots, and by residents in Cold Bay, located 37 miles (60 km) to the SW, . Volcanic mudflows are likely on the flanks of the volcano and could present a hazard in the local river valleys.

Cool photo of the eruption (http://avo.alaska.edu/images/image.php?id=93201) from the AVO (taken from an airplane).

2016-Mar-29, 12:16 PM
And it's back to condition orange. Apparently Pavlov is known to shut off its activity suddenly.


2016-Mar-29, 12:19 PM
And it's back to condition orange. Apparently Pavlov is known to shut off its activity suddenly.

Well trained by years of operant conditioning by geo-psychologists from the AVO. :D

2016-Mar-29, 04:45 PM


Stupid autocorrect.

2016-Jun-18, 10:48 PM
Still around, sorry but things been hectic for me as of late, and haven't had much time for my Volcano hobby.

Looks like it was downgraded back to Green as of yesterday already.