View Full Version : Regretting Words About Miss Miranda Cosgrove. (No, Not Happy 20th birthday.)

2013-May-14, 09:03 PM
I know a lot of you expect me to post weirdness every once in a while, and here's this week's entry.

Once somebody asked me at a birthday party five or six years ago that ever-asinine question:

"So, how old do you want to live to be?"

Feeling mellow, I decided to not be snarky and instead paraphrased George Burns when some mute donkey of a reporter ask him the same question. In his case he said:

"I'd like to live long enough to see who Brooks Shields ends up with!"

Having met her when she was still a child actress and the two of them were guests on a late night talk show together. He was charmed.

And well, *I* replied with words to a similar effect.

"I'd like to live long enough to see who Miranda Cosgrove ends up with"

Back in the third season of iCarly it seemed like a safe enough statement.

Noooow, today is her twentieth birthday, she has a net worth in excess of seven million dollars, bought a very private two million dollar Hollywood home, flat out with "cash" and has the face, voice and personality of an angel made flesh.

Yeah, THAT'S going to be on the market for a long time...

Why, I'm afraid to go outside anymore.

2013-May-14, 09:45 PM
Depends on your definition of "ends up with".

Don't go for "gets tagged by first", got for "has a long stable lasting marriage/relationship with". It'll be a couple of decades at least for the latter to show up.

2013-May-15, 12:43 PM
Sounds like you're going to be around for a long while

Ara Pacis
2013-May-17, 12:51 AM
I find staying indoors to be just as dangerous.