View Full Version : Commercial antivirus and system mechanics-Do they worth the money?

2013-May-15, 03:57 AM
MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) and Telus Security Services are only mediocre as far as spyware or virus detection or elimination (or immunization) are concerned; I was infected with mixidj virus for a while; it took me a complete reinstall to get rid of it.
Later, I really software from the softonic website includes the virus in their package.
Today, all commercial antivirus and commercial antivirus only include a year service upon purchase.
Free antiviruses are quite common; MSE is one of them, and Advanced Systemcare (Free edition), Avast! and a few others, but they most likely include a "scale up" commercial version.
Are there any full-fledged free antivirus or sypware out there? I may install a version of Linux Mint onto an USB drive as a back up measure, though. (And also as a "guest software" so they won't mess up anything.)

2013-May-18, 04:07 AM
From my experience, almost all the "free" editions of antispyware or antivirus have upgraded versions.
I'm not too sure if paying $40.00 for extra protection is worthwhile, though.
A word of advice: Avoid softonic and softpedia like the plague; they all install viruses and malwares.

2013-May-18, 04:43 AM
No, don't do it. Take the free stuff at face value (personally, I like Kaspersky), make backups, create restore disks and install some extra items like "hijackthis" and "malwarebytes" and learn how to use it before you need it. Take that $40 bucks (or more) and put it in the bank and do the same every year, so when your pc does have a problem, it is less painful to upgrade or replace. There is a practical point where money needs to be spent on your computer and if you are fixing one problem, you might as well fix two or more.

I have been fixing computers for over a decade and I have never heard the words - "Boy, my antivirus software really saved my bacon today." I have heard the cursing of antivirus software that didn't work.

2013-May-18, 01:01 PM

2013-May-18, 01:41 PM
Since I don't think anyone has mentioned it, outfits like the heavily advertised "My Clean PC" are blatant scams. Sure they'll scan your computer for free and invariably find MANY problems -- including every cookie on your computer. Want to "clean" it? Credit card required.

2013-May-19, 02:37 AM
Want to hear the best intrusion/malware problem I have ever had?

My neighbor asked me to set up 3 laptops - one for each of their college aged daughers, a wireless router, a wii and a desktop PC for parents and the youngest daughter. Obviously I knew all the settings and passwords. One day I get a call that nothing is working, so I stopped over.

When I get there, nothing is working. My first laptop freaks out and reported a virus as soon as I connected to the router. I returned with two different laptops, but now have the problem that I can't see the router using Linux, OS X and OS 9 even though it is sitting right in front of me. I start to dig out a cable to plug into the router and find one already in place. I plug in and everything is fine, except every password has been changed and I still don't see the wireless signal.

Before doing a factory reset, I run a wardriving app on my phone. I can see the router and it's signal was really weak. Then it moved, then it switched off. Then it came back and moved again before switching off.

Here comes the punchline. There was a boyfriend hiding in one of the bedrooms with a virus laden laptop. I haven't seen him since, once I reset the router and clean up some virus's all of the problems are gone.

2013-May-19, 06:49 PM
I use AVG for anti-virus and Malwarebytes for other malware. I started with the free versions of each, liked them, and upgraded to the paid versions. I've used both for a couple of years.

I guess you never really know if such software is good, since you can't know of exactly what it has protected you from, just when it bad and fails. One of the things I've liked about these two is that they do not seem to be big resource hogs and work nicely in background.

2013-May-19, 07:22 PM

2013-May-21, 01:34 AM
I continue using the McAfee that came with the computer purchase for the moment, but I may revert to MSE and Spybot Search and Destroy and Spyblaster sooner or later.
One thing is: All commercial antispyware and antivirus come with annual license.