View Full Version : How Many Tribbles Will Fit Into Your House?

2013-May-16, 10:40 PM
Star Trek: How Many Tribbles Will Fit in Your House? Oh, those little creatures that are no Tribble at all. If you’re not familiar with these small, non-intelligent lifeforms known for their prodigious reproductive rate, Tribbles (Polygeminus grex) are part of Star Trek lore. And we’ve all got Star Trek on the brain with the [...]

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2013-May-17, 12:40 PM
What's the average size and compressibility of a tribble? That's going to make a difference.
The White House one says 1.375 million in 72 hours, while spock says its ~1.77 million in 3 days. Who's right?

Where did Cyrano Jones put the nearly 2 million tribbles if it takes a volume bigger than the white house.

Something tells me we can't have this kind of fun with the new reboot.