View Full Version : Salem/Dallas Oregon, Activity

2013-May-22, 07:30 PM
Never thought I would be posting under this category thead title, as it's a stones throw away from me. A 1.5 Magnitude quake at 27km depth. It appears to be either a Hydrologic based event, or Gas Pocket type event; as the waveforms are similar to tremor activity and not more compressed like quakes. However it does have both P and S wave components, unlike tremors. Best guess is it's somethign water or liquid based.


2013-May-23, 08:42 AM
a ... burp?

2013-May-23, 10:19 AM
A 1.5!

North Carolina was thought to be geologically inactive, then they bid for the superconducting supercollider, and installed a seismic network to prove it. All sorts of 3.0s started popping up.

2013-May-23, 02:02 PM
I know it wasn't a very big one:) Just has an odd waveform I don't understand yet, and it was about 30 miles from me.