View Full Version : Cosmic IT-security issue

Zwart Gat
2013-May-30, 02:12 PM
They came here.
They created life.
They created Earth and all the planets.
They created the Sun.
And the entire galaxy.
And everything in our Hubble Bubble.
They just simulate us on their computers for fun.

But! I've hacked a little bug in their software so they can go Removed :D
Humans will NEVER surrender!

2013-May-30, 02:20 PM
Maybe yes, maybe no. Likely they can edit, revise, alter our determination, so resistance may be futile. Neil

captain swoop
2013-May-30, 07:37 PM
Do not try to get round the auto censor by masking a profanity.
If you need to mask it then you know you shouldn't use it.
Do it again you will be infracted

Zwart Gat
2013-May-30, 08:26 PM
Profanity? How?
I've got a pretty kinky sense of humor, but I can't see anything sex-related with my post. Is it a language problem?
I just tried to make a joke out of the singularity and Bostroms simulation idea and rules in general. "Profanity"? Is this North Korea?

Oh yes, I used a bad word there, I'm sorry. I didn't even think of it.
In the future I'll treat this forum as if it was a holy Church and I will carefully watch every single word I scribe upon your rolls.

2013-May-31, 06:33 AM
And this is called "arguing against moderation", which is a thread derail. If you have any concerns over any post, be it one from a mod or a member, use the report button, or if it is of a more general nature, the feedback forum. You really should familiarise yourself with our rules if you want your stay here to be much longer. Infraction given.