View Full Version : New sport invented on Mars!

2013-Jun-13, 10:28 AM
A paper in the journal Icarus has proposed a "Hypothesis for the formation of martian linear gullies"

The authors suggest that blocks of the seasonal Polar icecap, made mainly of solid CO2, break off in Spring and slide down the slope below the cap, the friction lessened by fine sand and by a layer of subliming gas under the block. The sliding blocks may leave the 'linear gullies' that have been noted on Mars since close up pictures were first available, but for which there was no explanation.

So far, so scientific. But, Ba Roos, Man! This is dune boarding to the Max! First dude to hang a toe is the Champ!

When, not if, we live there, this has to be a new 'extreme' sport.
How big an ice block would be needed to ride it?


2013-Jun-15, 09:19 AM
Even if my attempt at humour failed, is no one interested in this ingenious explanation for the otherwise mysterious gullies?

And can anyone attempt an answer to the 'how big?' Q?
According to the Wiki, the VP of solid CO2 at -70C is between 1000 and 1500mmHg!
So I would suppose that a block big enough to let you place your feet, in other words body surf board sized, would let you surf the Martian sands.


2013-Jun-15, 02:19 PM
Sounds like fun to me. That would be at least one way to escape the utter boredom of living underground. Truth, it could also be a new basis for day to day transportation. You could have a 'Segway' that operated somewhat like a hovercraft for example.