View Full Version : Earth-Passing Asteroid is “An Entirely New Beast”

2013-Jun-17, 05:20 AM
On the last day of May 2013 asteroid 1998 QE2 passed relatively closely by our planet, coming within*6 million kilometers… about 15 times the distance to the Moon. While there was never any chance of an impact by the 3 km-wide asteroid and its surprise 750 meter satellite, astronomers didn’t miss out on the chance [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/102964/earth-passing-asteroid-is-an-entirely-new-beast/)

2013-Jun-17, 11:44 AM
does the 1998 part of its name mean it was first seen 1998?
and Wow that looks like a 3km iron sphere!

2013-Jun-24, 10:19 PM
The tiny moon seems to be in a comet/Molniy type orbit. I wonder how much thrust it would take to eject that moon from the larger body on another approach...