View Full Version : Venusí Winds Are Mysteriously Speeding Up

2013-Jun-18, 05:30 PM
High-altitude winds on neighboring Venus have long been known to be quite speedy, whipping sulfuric-acid-laden clouds around the superheated planet at speeds well over 300 km/h (180 mph). And after over six years collecting data from orbit, ESA’s Venus Express has found that the winds there are steadily getting faster… and scientists really don’t know [...]

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2013-Jun-18, 09:34 PM
They did not say 400 kilometers per hour with respect to what, but perhaps it makes little difference due to the very slow rotation of the surface of Venus. If a balloon colony travels 400 kilometers per hour with respect to the day-night cycle and the path is 40,000 kilometers; then sun rises are 100 hours apart = a bit over 4 earth days for the colony. That was a bit over 5 earth days 6 years ago = Things are getting better for balloon colonies, unless the turbulence is getting worse.
It seems strange (to me) that they did not say what is happening just North of the Equator?
How does the altitude of 70 kilometers compare with the coolest altitude in the Venus atmosphere where the balloon colonies are likely to fly? Neil