View Full Version : Spectacular Billion Pixel Panorama from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

2013-Jun-20, 12:50 AM
NASA’s newly produced and absolutely spectacular panorama from the Curiosity mega rover offers armchair explorers back on Earth a mammoth 1.3 billion pixels worth of Mars in all its colorful glory. And everyone can move back and forth around the interactive panorama and zoom in – with special embedded tools- to your hearts delight in [...]

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2013-Jun-23, 06:44 AM
Clearly, and without a doubt, this one is the best of the lot: http://www.seymoronion.com/_Work_Area/Best_Pixel_Evah.png
Kudos to NASA!

Note: It has been artificially enlarged by a factor of 5, for the older members of the board.

2013-Jun-23, 07:10 AM
What amazes me is that I have just zoomed to a chunk of rock which looks exactly like the kind of chunks of volcanic rocks which I find in my garden. In fact the whole landscape looks remarkably like some arid areas here in Tenerife. You might say that is expected, but the fact that it's a different planet makes it awesome to me.