View Full Version : The marathon astronomy hangout

2013-Jul-13, 02:09 AM

Is the video of the 24 hour marathon cast uploaded anywhere? I missed the whole thing, and my searching is not bringing me closer ;)

2013-Aug-14, 10:33 PM
Hi, Ocoini! Sorry I haven't popped in to answer you sooner. Although I still have it on my "to do" list to break up the marathon hangout into smaller chunks by topic, it hasn't been done yet. However, the 4-hour long Hangout videos unprocessed live on my channel since I was playing host for all. 32. Hours. :-)

Since you specifically requested it, I created a playlist just of those videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1U6VpTpSR4zKGq5TfdzZQesB00MsRBqJ&feature=addto

Hope that helps!