View Full Version : IC1318 - Butterfly Nebula in HST palette

2013-Jul-13, 06:35 PM
I have recently got myself an FLI Proline 16803 camera and this is first light on IC1318 which I took over three nights, it is 6x30 minutes Ha, 5x30 minutes OIII and 7x30 minutes SII. The first thing that impressed me about the camera (apart from the ability to maintain set point temperature of -35c indoors in a warm room for over 20 hours taking dark frames) was how clean the sub frames appeared when downloaded, I was expecting to need 6 nights to finish this image because of keeping noise levels down but even with the shortish integration time there is little or no noise apparent (no noise reduction used).
I have put a larger version at the following link. I have done this area previously with a Starlight Xpress H36, this can be seen at my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk for comparison


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2013-Jul-16, 09:25 AM